Monday, June 6, 2016

Special Press Release 04 Jun, 2016 from Jantar Mantar

1.  Maj Gen Satbir Singh had one to one meeting with Justice Reddy on 03 Jun, 2016. Meeting was held in very cordial environment and it lasted for one hour instead of scheduled half an hour as Justice Reddy evinced keen interest in all the points put up by Maj Gen Satbir Singh. 
2. Gen Satbir explained in ample measures the four major anomalies viz firstly equalization of pension every year instead of every five years, secondly fixation of pension at top of the bracket instead the average, thirdly implementing it from 01 Apr 2014 instead of 01 Jul, 2014 and fourthly the base year to be top of financial year 2013-2014 instead average of calendar year 2013 thus unfairly denying one increment to soldiers. Changing the very definition of OROP to periodic intervals from passing on any future enhancements in pension to past pensioners thus killing the very soul of OROP was also a topic of keen discussion.
3.  Justice Reddy appeared to be so impressed by the discussion that he promised another meeting after he goes through all the representation received from other sources. He also said that he will be going to all the command HQ and other places where density of ESM is maximum.

4.  Justice Reddy further apprised that he will be asking for an extension of two to three months to do full justice to the subject. His younger brother has also served in the Army therefore we should expect full empathy. Over all Justice Reddy appeared to be down to earth noble soul and JM is fully hopeful and satisfied with the talk.
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  1. Justice Reddy may be benovelent to the veterans, will the ultimate decides, the bureaucrats fall inline to his thin kings and final recommendations? That's a million dollar question to wait and see a year later.

  2. Whole of the news is hope giving welcome measure except the end comment regarding the Justice Reddy's siblng's connection with the Armed Forces, it really cheapens the veteran's stature and the spirit of OROP.

  3. The IESM started the OROP Movement with an aim to correct the injustice to the ESM community and achieved a diluted version. But their actions too had become diluted from time to time. Every hope is planted only to be delayed or negated soon afterwords. The SC should have been approached even before the implementation of the diluted OROP by the government, they the IESM failed. Recently, Mr RJ openly claimed that he is filing the case for OROP even though the SC is on vacation, yet there is no action. Now they are running after the Reddy Judicial Commission which is rudderless. The whole exercise is divided between two General's personality clash and the sufferers are the veterans mainly in the PBOR and JCOs. All is not well in the IESM.

  4. Unwanted entry, "His younger brother has also served in the Army therefore we should expect full empathy.

  5. There are many anomalies yet to be sorted out even now with regards to the 6CPC. And then we got OROP anomalies to be sorted out by Reddy committee and then corrected by the SC's present litigation. The PMO failed n this respect totally. The 7CPC brought in a degrading pay/perk/pensions for the soldiers and the ESM which will linger on forever. All this is just because the powers entrusted with implementation orders are not working with a open mind and the committees do not apply their logic in favoring the affected. All the decision making is non transparent. So, be sure we the soldiers and the ESM will be running around the courts for justice just because of the injustice meted out by the irresponsible and egoistic bureaucracy.

  6. Dear General Satbir. I’m enclosing extract of Newspaper Deccan Herald, Bangalore dated 20 July 2016, Wednesday as under: “New Delhi 20 July 2016. 1. Finance Minister Arun Jetley on 19 July 2016 informed Rajya Sabha that there were 8167 ‘Willful Defaulters’ who owe Banks Rs 76,686 crore. 2. It was earlier reported by Defence Minister Manohar Parikar that implementing OROP in the present form Cash Outgo would be Rs 7,500 crore per annum. 3. In the light of the abovementioned facts, SC be informed through Ram Jethmalani that, if the Govt can afford Rs 76,686 crore for Corporate Default, then the Govt can certainly afford another Rs 2000 crore for implementing FULL OROP as a reward to Defence Forces for their Selflee Service to the nation.~ Col Pradip