Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Support and pledge of the Indian Soldier to the Nation

To our Ignorant Citizens and our Disillusioned 
Politico-Bureaucratic Combine

“People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough, tough and hardened (wo)men of our Armed Forces stand at our borders ready to do violence-to kill and/or be killed-on their behalf. When these (wo)men first donned their uniform they had handed-over a blank cheque with the endorsement made to this Country."
"Up till, and including, my death"

Perhaps Indian Citizens and our self-serving Politico-Bureaucratic Combine, have yet to realise this un-stinted support and pledge of the Indian Soldier to the Nation, and has constantly humiliated, denied Justice, "Izzat" & just Dues while consistently degrading the same Indian Soldier.


  1. This must be noted specially by the politicians and bureaucrats who are under 24/7 protection even when they go to their loo.

  2. Indian Citizens and our self-serving Politico-Bureaucratic Combine think that a soldier is a tool to be employed against the enemy within, out on our borders and the natural disasters; not to talk of the sundry works at public functions which can be done by contract laborers. Most of the unlucky Jawans were thrown to wind to fend themselves at their prime of youth. Many reemployment avenues were created but not made easy for them to avail those opportunities. Why can't their restricted service be counted as 33 years and scale up they last pay drawn and give the pensions at an enhanced rate. A sane and equitable thinking in this direction must dawn on our service HQs. On 33 years scale if their pensions are counted at 70% of such last pay drawn, there will be full justification. Let the well-off officers be given an option to surrender their pensions in this cause as the government's actions are never to come in near future. This act will show a new path to follow all those civilian pensioners drawing fat pensions in spite of their enormous wealth. The pension must meet the needs of the down trodden in government services, be it military or the civilian setup, and must not be treated as a status symbol.