Sunday, October 2, 2016

Postponement of Relay Hunger Strike for Protest Movement of OROP

Dear All Veterans

1.   Our  military has, as  ever, demonstrated to the countrymen that they are the real protector of the  Sovereignty and Integrity of our great Bharat by  carrying out  Surgical Strikes on the  Terrorists camps across the LOC  with military precision. It was a difficult operation executed daringly with perfect success. This was a befitting response to the Pakistan’s designs of Bleeding India through thousand cuts by unleashing Low Cost War.

2.   This change in the Govt policy to strike at Terrorist cum Military Camps is a courageous and determined shift in the National Security Policy for which our PM, RM and the members of the Govt deserve to be congratulated. This is the need of  the hour to build National Pride. WELL DONE BHART KI FAUJ.

3.   Pakistan would be well advised to shun supporting the Terrorists and hostile attitude towards India. With this change of Security Policy, all designs of Pakistan to wage a proxy war against India will now onwards be suitably responded to with lots of Body bags of Pak Soldiers and the Terrorists.

4.   We the Ex servicemen of India Welcome this change in security responses policy.

“The solder protects what? Guards whom?
A piece of land/terrain! barren, inhospitable, worthless?

No! for the love of his country and countrymen,
his motherland he protects, her citizens he guards, his  KARMA  he  performs, with honour and pride,


5.   Keeping the prevailing situation in mind, we have decided to postpone the Relay Hunger Strike of our Protest Movement which was to restart on 02 Oct 2016 at Jantar Mantar New Delhi for getting Actual OROP and restoration of “Izzat & Insaf to Soldiers”.

6.   We  hope  the Govt would also reconsider and grant actual OROP to Defence Personnel by  removing the  Anomalies arising out of the Govt Notification vide GOI letter no 12(1)/2014 dated 7 Nov 15 and issue of Implementation Tables vide GOI Letter No. 12 (1)/2014/D (Pen/Policy)-Part-II dated 03 Feb 2016. 

With regards,

Yours Sincerely,

Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM (Retd)

Chairman Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM)                                                                                           
Mobile: 9312404269, 01244110570


  1. Good move by the IESM to put a stop to the planned protest. We can wait some more time before the OMJC recommendations and the SC judgement sees the light of the day. I am sure that the government is planning to take their own time in giving us the true OROP to suit the general elections 2019 to gain popularity votes. Politicians are like businessmen, they want profits out of every deal, even from 'the point of security of the nation.'

  2. fantastic post about Postponement of Relay Hunger Strike for Protest Movement of OROP.