Thursday, July 30, 2009

Disrespect to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

The wilful disrespect to one of our most distinguished citizens and former President is an insult to every Indian citizen. However, as always the Governments response has been ineffective and pusillanimous. It has focussed on clerical solutions like issuing a show cause notice and lodging FIR. The airline has not only violated Indian laws under which it operates from our nation, but also arrogantly failed to reply to the show-cause notice. After the furore in Parliament, it belatedly issued a qualified apology. Now it appears that this apology would satisfy the Government. But as citizens of the second most populous country we need to ask ourselves, is an apology enough? The least that should have been done is to suspend the airlines license to operate from India for three months or so. Perhaps a fine could also have been imposed, if permitted under rules.If our Government will not stand up for the self respect of its citizens, we all as patriotic Indians should opt NOT to fly with Continental Airlines, even if we have to accept some inconvenience in international connections. Need to give wide publicity to all patriotic Indians who value their and nations honour."
Maj Gen Pushpendra Singh (Retd)
596, Sector 6
Panchkula - 134109
(Haryana) India


  1. Disrespect to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

    It was indeed a matter of shame that Mr APJ Abdul Kalam had to go through uncalled for insult and humiliation at the hands of staff of Continental Airlines.

    Who amongst the Indian heirarchy should take the blame for this wilful and serious lapse by the staff of a foreign country? Consequently, will the Indian Government take any punitive action now against the Continental Airlines and a preventive action to ensure that such lapses do not occur in future with any dignitary of such a stature?

    Seeing the past trends it seems very doubtful.

  2. The security concerns, in the backdrop of Global Terrorism, is in real time. Why do people get so worked up when Sharukh Khan or some other John is stopped for questioning?
    Can any thing justify loosing lives due to security lapses on account of letting RED BECON (Lal batti)wallas go without security check?
    Please spare us "...is an insult to every Indian citizen / Indian Nation"