Thursday, July 30, 2009

India of My Dreams - Inviting Comments & Suggestions

Dear friends

We became Independent 62 years back and have had regular elected Governments all along, but inspite of that we have not progressed as we should have during this period. This is mainly attributable to the inefficiency ineffectiveness and lack of farsightedness of our successive Governments. As a result the conditions in the country have deteriorated to such an extent that they seem to have become almost beyond repairs. The agricultural sector produces more than sufficient food but the irony of the mismanagement is such that nearly 60% of the population is unable to get two square meals to satisfy their hunger from day to day.

There are so many daily cases of rapes, murders, robbery, loot and arson, theft and cheating in the country that it appears that the criminals perpetuating these offences are just not afraid of the police or law enforcing agencies, who also appear totally helpless and incapable of performing their assigned roles.

The level of corruption in each and every Government office and department has reached such an alarming level that nothing seems to be moving there as one would expect it. The bureaucracy has become totally ineffective, incapable, self serving, biased and unreliable and does not seem to be fulfilling the aspirations of the Governments as well as the population at large.

The judiciary has also failed to perform its assigned role and seems to have become incapable of delivering timely justice to the population. It has been taking its own sweet time in dealing with cases that the aggrieved persons have to wait for years on to get justice and the culprits generally go scot free. As a result, the number of pending cases have mounted to astronomical levels over the years on a day to day basis.Readers would agree that such deplorable state of affairs in the country are not acceptable to the Indian population and cannot be allowed to continue indefinitely and every citizen would like the situation to change for the better and improve sooner than later.

An attempt has been made here to list out some basic aspirations of Indian population who would like to make this country an “India of their Dreams”. The list by no means is exhaustive and there is still a lot more which can be added to it. The readers are certainly welcome to give their valuable views, comments and suggestions for more points which can be added to the list to make it more exhaustive.

One would also agree that just listing of these aspirations would not make things to happen on their own. It would require concerted efforts by one and all to get the affairs moving in the right direction. So, we would welcome visitors and readers to this Blog to come out with their valuable views and suggestions to enable implementation and execution of various policies and programmes towards betterment of affairs of the country.

These would also help conveying the message of this drive to a large section of Indian population to take advantage of the views and suggestions and for their active involvement in this national drive.

Please mail your views to my email addresses given below or endorse them in the space provided below each topic.

Thank you very much for your active involvement.

Col LK Anand Retd

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