Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Deepal Abused on busy Mumbai Street

Deepal Shaw recently went through quite a nightmarish incident where she was attacked by a drunk man while driving back home .
It wasn't very late in the night and the road also had quite a lot of traffic when Deepal went through this horrifying incident.
She confirms, "It's true that the incident was a complete nightmare and it's rather unfortunate that it happened. I was on my way back from an event around 10 pm. This man was in a completely inebriated state I think, because as soon as he saw me approaching in my car towards him, he went ballistic and started calling out to me. He came near my car and started making really disgusting and lewd gestures and banging on my window to open to the door."
Deepal says she was shocked out of her wits. "I couldn't even get out from there as I was stuck in Juhu Galli and there is only a single road open to traffic with construction on both sides, so the road was completely jam packed. While I was trying to ignore what he was doing by looking the other way, I had forgotten that my car door was unlocked but fortunately I had the presence of mind to push the door open which hit him and he fell on the ground. There were construction workers on both sides, autowallahs, other car owners and drivers and no one even budged from their spots to help me and just stayed in their positions as onlookers to a carnival or something."
Read more: Deepal abused on busy Mumbai street - The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/bollywood/news-interviews/Deepal-abused-on-busy-Mumbai-street/articleshow/7205088.cms#ixzz1A4dm8c8C

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