Monday, January 2, 2012

German Airlines - Lufthansa

A serious message from a colleague and an Indian citizen
For over two decades I and my wife have traveled to Europe and USA by Lufthansa nearly every year. We chose the airline for its safety record and efficiency. Today they have grabbed a major share of the Indian market but are not treating passengers from India the same way as the Western, Japanese or South Africans and are flying old aircraft with poorer facilities on the Indian sector compared to transatlantic flights.
They have scaled down the free baggage allowance for the economy class long haul passengers from India from two to one bag and are charging 50 Euros for the second bag. However they allow two bags from South Africa, Brazil, Japan and most of the African countries. DGCA urged the airline on 25th October 2011 not to charge the passengers for the second bag. Whereas, other airlines like Virgin, KLM, all the Gulf airlines and Air India allow a second bag free to long haul passengers to the USA but Lufthansa has taken no action to date.
I am therefore launching a campaign DO NOT FLY LUFTHANSA through you as the only foreign airline with a large share of the Indian market  not complying with the directives from the DGCA in this regard and continuing  to charge 50 Euros for the second bag. I think this is totally unfair and unacceptable.
I hope all my friends will boycott Lufthansa till they resume two bag policy which other airlines follow.
Commodore PK Gupta
Commodore PK Gupta 

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