Monday, January 2, 2012

Points To Ponder.....!!!!!!

A poster at a Peace rally in Mumbai: “Politicians divide us and Terrorists unite Us”

Who is a Psychiatrist? A qualified person who gives you an expensive & critical analysis about yourself, which your Spouse gives you for free, daily.

If you can’t find the right words for certain situations, just give a smile…Words may confuse, but a SMILE always convinces…

If ever in life you love two people at the same time, go for the second person.. because If you really ever loved the first person, you would never have fallen in love again

 “If one really wants to achieve, he will find a way out of everything. If not, he will find an excuse out of something…!

Scotch is a brilliant invention….One double and you start feeling Single again.

Notice at Church: Do not leave your mobiles, purses, wallets, handbags, girl-friends UN-ATTENDED - Others may think it is an answer to their prayers.

Global Recession and Financial Crisis have become so critical and serious now days that…majority of the men have started loving their own wives!!!!!!

A Priest is called as a Father, A Bishop your Grace, A Cardinal, your Eminence…and Even a Pope is called as, His Highness - But only a 36 – 24 – 36 in a Bikini is called as “OH MY GOD”

Sent by Col NP Nanda

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