Monday, August 17, 2015

An Army Jawan sacrifices his life and sets a great example by Saving a helpless Girl from Goons

Army sets another example of service to the cause of this Nation where even the top leadership of the country is unable to recognise the brave deeds and selfless services of the the Soldiers. 

They seem to be unconcerned at the plight of the helpless soldiers and their own officer leaders, who have taken to the streets to have their long pending and justified demand of OROP fulfilled.

The Government seems to be trying to prove that pre-election promises are not to be met and have literally failed to fulfil their commitments and assurances so far. What is preventing them to lay a deadline for OROP is indeed unfathomable?

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  1. Without thinking his own safety the.soldier reacted swiftly. That is the quality of soldiers. The parents have lost their brave son and it is loss for the nation also. May God rest his soul in peace!!!!!!