Monday, August 17, 2015

Letter By A Very Emotionally Charged Girl !

Dear Mr Modi , 

How did you lose the plot so thoroughly today? 
How did you not honour your promise to valiant soldiers that you had made! 
You are saying the kissan is as important as the jawan! 
In which world? Today's? Where national security is a huge issue! Have you spent a week at the border of Poonch? Did you learn nothing in your visit to Israel? Didn't you see the price of national security there? Where every citizen has to serve in the Army for 2 years? 
Do you not see the terrorist rat, steadily scratching and pushing his way inside India? He comes armed with fanatism. And he's out on a hunt. 

Who protects me then? The kissan? Or you, Modiji? Your size 56 chest is blocking those bullets? Or is it the soldier - soldiers like Vikram Batra and yogendra Yadav, Anuj Nayyar, just to name the tip of the iceberg! Men whose heroic exploits read like thrillers and one is left wondering 

WHAT could inspire men to such bravery? WHAT!! 
They are shot. They fight with bullets in them. Their right arm is shot off- they fight with their left. Their legs are shot- they crawl and fight. They fight with ammunition and when they run out, they fight with the tripod stands!! They hold their post to the last man. But they don't leave. They fight to their last breath, refusing to think of their old parents and young wives and new born children. 
And you - you, Sir, are trying to put a price to this commitment, this sense of honour! This idealism. 
Is this tea being sold?? 
Is this a business transaction? 
Sir. Take a bullet for your countrymen. I promise you we will raise that money. Put a price to your taking ONE bullet. Name it. 
The soldier performs a unique service. He does a job that is unique. And he does that job quietly. Without fanfare. Without much recompense.
You have shamed us all when you began bargaining with our brave soldiers. 
I'm ashamed. 
I would like to pay my debt to the soldier and you stand in my way. 
I'm enraged. 
Who are you, Sir? To stop me from thanking my protector? I will give him my annual tax. I choose to give it to him. You tax me and we all know where that money goes! 
Give me the choice then. Of paying my taxes to the Indian Army directly if you have this weak a will. 
I hope you are offered cosmic justice one day. The way Bal Thackeray was.  When he attacked " outsiders " and accused them of "taking away "from Mumbai. And then came along an Armyman. Unnikrishnan from South India. And he gave up his life, saving Mumbaikars from terrorists , showcasing what outsiders give back to Mumbai ! 

I hope, Sir, that very same cosmic justice visits you soon.
Leadership is not about fine words and grand promises.
It is about inspiration, keeping ones word. It's about honour too.

I had not thought that I would be this ashamed and this helpless one day. As I sit in silence and see aged war heroes being shoved and pushed by police. And avert my eyes in shame! 

I curse this political will and thought that kills all idealism and all sense of honour in everyone around! That generates such despair about the future. 

I curse such leaders! 


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